About this site

I love kombucha.

I love making it, I love drinking it and I love writing about it.

I recently published a book, Simple Kombucha Sourdough, on how to make delicious sourdough bread using just flour and kombucha.  I had a lot of fun researching and writing that book, and I’ve received some really lovely comments back from people.

And now I’m hooked.

My next book will be called Simply Kombucha and will be all about kombucha: what it is, how it is good for you, and how to make a delicious brew easily and safely in your very own kitchen.

As I was researching this next book, however, I noticed how hard it was to find good information about the current state of kombucha research.  There were just so many unverified health claims and instances of super vague assertions about scientific research.  It seemed like a giant game of chinese whispers, with writer after writer repeating information heard from other writers, but with no links back to the original research at all.  As a science-geek myself, I found this quite disturbing and began to wonder if there was any credible science behind the amazing health claims at all!

I have found that people are doing research on kombucha.  My last search of PubMed (a free online database of biomedical science research) listed 66 publications in scientific journals since 1990, 7 of those from this year alone.

I have an MSc in Biochemistry, and when I look at those publications I can (with a bit of catch-up background reading) understand most of what they are talking about.  But without a similar biological sciences background, those papers might as well be written in Klingon for all the sense they would make.

My plan is to take these papers and unpack them enough to make sense to the average kombucha enthusiast.

Hopefully this will be of some help to both myself, as I think deeply about each piece of research, and anyone who is keen to have a go at sifting the truth from the fantasies about kombucha tea.

N.B.  Nothing on this website constitutes medical advice.  Please consult your doctor for health care.

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