Simply Kombucha book. Great introduction to kombucha. Everything you need to know to get started. Lots of kombucha recipes, and a solid discussion about kombucha's benefits. Long troubleshooting section so you can be confident in your brew

Make sourdough using just flour and kombucha. Great step-by-step guide for making delicious sourdough, even if you're a beginner or you've tried and failed before.

Make Kombucha at Home!

What is kombucha? Where did it come from? Why do people drink it? Is it as healthy as people claim? And how exactly can you make it yourself?

Simply Kombucha answers all those questions and more.

"Simply Kombucha is an excellent resource to answer your questions for all things Kombucha." - Nicola Hay, Nutritionist

Then Use Your Kombucha to Make Amazing Sourdough

Are you are a kombucha fan looking for something new and cool to do with your favourite drink? A baker of breads looking for a novel recipe? Interested in fabulous pizza?

This book will tell you all you need to know to get started.

"Really excited about this book ... SO APPEALING!" - 5 star review on Goodreads