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Use your kombucha to make yoghurt? Why yes, yes you can.

Can you use kombucha to ferment dairy milk? Yes! Here’s how to make yoghurt (yogurt) at home using a kombucha scoby.

DIY recipe for Kombucha yoghurt. Make yogurt iwth a kombucha scoby. Kombucha Research. Kombucha Science.
Note: This picture isn’t of kombucha yoghurt. I’m not sure what it is. Some sort of lemon parfait maybe? Looks good, though. Scroll further down for pictures of actual kombucha yoghurt.

Did you know you can make your own kombucha yogurt? Homemade kombucha scoby yogurt is surprisingly simple.

If you’ve spent any time at all on a kombucha or general fermented foods forum, you will know the huge variety of fermentation cultures that are out there.

If you’re looking for fermented vegetable recipes, you’ll be hearing about saurkraut,  kimchi, cortido, kvass, dill pickles. If you want something fizzy to drink, there’s kombucha, jun, and water kefir.

If you want a dairy ferment, there’s milk kefir, lassi, ordinary yogurt (or yoghurt – depending on where you live. I slide between the two spellings.) and Caspian Sea yogurt (sometimes known as Caucasian yogurt). There’s the coconut milk versions of each of them, too.  And that’s not even touching on the cheese options available.

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Do I need starter tea AND a scoby when brewing kombucha?

Is it really necessary to use both a scoby and starter tea?

A kombucha troubleshooting question from the mailbag!

So. Why do we need both? If the scoby contains all the microbes we need, why do we need to add starter tea? And if the starter tea contains all the microbes we need, why do we need a scoby at all?

Basically it boils down to efficiency, and preventing contamination. Continue reading “Do I need starter tea AND a scoby when brewing kombucha?”

How do I grow a scoby from store-bought kombucha?

How do I make a kombucha scoby from scratch?

Growing your own scoby from scratch using purchased kombucha is a pretty straightforward process, so long as you’ve got the basics right! Read on for the details of how to make a DIY kombucha scoby when you can’t find a fresh one. Continue reading “How do I grow a scoby from store-bought kombucha?”

Occasionally someone will react badly to kombucha

Are you wondering if you have a kombucha allergy? Or some sort of kombucha reaction? Sometimes when people start drinking kombucha they report feeling a bit unwell, or having a touch of “kombucha nausea”. For some people this sick feeling is a good thing – it’s your gut biome getting used to the new healthy probiotics. But for other people it is a sign they should stop drinking kombucha.

I particularly wanted to look at the following research article as it is often quoted as evidence that kombucha is dangerous and shouldn’t be recommended as a health food. I think it is worth having a closer look at what it is actually saying so we can make up our own minds about it.

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Is Kombucha Healthy? A general introduction.

Kombucha benefits. Why kombucha is good for you. Kombucha probiotic. Kombucha antioxidant. Gut health. Oxidative stress and free radicals. Kombucha research. Kombucha scienceAre there kombucha benefits? Does drinking kombucha tea give you long life? How credible are kombucha tea health claims? Is kombucha tea healthy?

Is kombucha probiotic? Is it an antioxidant? Why is kombucha good for you? IS kombucha even good for you?? What does the science actually say? Continue reading “Is Kombucha Healthy? A general introduction.”

Should we keep kombucha in the fridge?

Does kombucha need to be refrigerated? How long do kombucha’s probiotics survive in the fridge? Looks like kombucha is much happier not being refrigerated.

Discover how to maximise the probiotic content of your home made kombucha!

Does kombucha need to be refrigerated?

Okay, so you’ve brewed your first batch of kombucha, and it’s all bottled and delicious. And now you’re up against the very next question. What about kombucha storage? Do you have to keep kombucha refrigerated? How long does kombucha last? What happens if kombucha is not refrigerated?

This is one of those questions where the answer depends on what results you’re after. Continue reading “Should we keep kombucha in the fridge?”

Can I make kombucha from herbal tea?

Make herbal tea kombucha. Herbal kombucha can be made from a variety of herbs and spices. Find out how to choose the right herbs for kombucha herbal tea.

herbal tea kombucha. You don't need normal tea for kombucha. health benefits and risks of different teas.
Can you make kombucha with herbal tea? Yes!

Are you wondering what kind of tea to use for kombucha? Can we make herbal kombucha?

Most kombucha recipes will insist that you have to use proper tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis tea bush. But it turns out that that’s more of a guideline than a rule. Continue reading “Can I make kombucha from herbal tea?”

How to make a Scoby Hotel

How to store your scoby. All about how to make a scoby hotel, and whether or not to put it in the fridge.What do I do with my Scobys when I want a break from making kombucha?

If you’re wondering how to take a break from kombucha, the first question to ask yourself is how long a break do you want? Are you going on holiday for a couple of weeks and need to know that your scoby will still be alive when you come back? Or are you looking for a longer break? Maybe you like kombucha as a summer drink, but just don’t drink cold drinks during winter, so you want to keep your scoby safe through winter until springtime.

What you need is a scoby hotel.

What is a scoby hotel, you ask?

Well, for short breaks, you can just put all your scobys together into a big jar of sweet tea on the bench – just like brewing kombucha, but for longer.

That jar of scobys is your scoby hotel. It is a good solution for short or medium term storage (up to about six months).

Keep reading for how to make a scoby hotel, and also how to store your scoby for longer periods of time. Continue reading “How to make a Scoby Hotel”