Simply Kombucha

Simply Kombucha

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Welcome to the exciting world of kombucha! — What is kombucha? Where did it come from? Why do people drink it? Is it as healthy as people claim? And how exactly can you make it yourself?

Simply Kombucha answers all those questions and more.

Just starting out? You will find detailed step-by-step instructions on sourcing your ingredients, setting up and bottling your brew, and a range of easy recipes to give you the confidence to get well under way.

Are you an experienced kombucha brewer? You will find a discussion of kombucha’s origins, an up-to-date summary of what the latest scientific research says about kombucha’s benefits as a health tonic, a long list of FAQs and troubleshooting questions, and some more unusual recipes to stretch your kombucha repertoire.

No fuss. No frills. Simply complete. Simply Kombucha

Simply Kombucha is an excellent resource to answer your questions for all things Kombucha

Nicola Hay – Nutritionist

This is a great book for anyone who wants to make their own kombucha

5 Star Review  – Amazon

Table of Contents:


Basic Kombucha Recipe

PART 1 – All About Kombucha

What is Kombucha?


Health Claims

 – Kombucha is an antioxidant

 – Kombucha is a probiotic

 – A word of caution

PART 1 – Making Your Own Kombucha

Gathering your ingredients and equipment

 – Scoby

 – Tea

 – Sugar

 – Water

 – Vessels (glass only)

 – Other equipment

Making kombucha

 – Batch brew

 – Bottling the brew

 – Continuous brew

 – 2nd fermentation

Troubleshooting and FAQs

 – Mold

 – Not brewing

 – Not producing daughters

 – Not fizzy

 – Fruit flies

 – It’s too vinegary!

 – Exploding bottles

 – What if I’m making a different volume?

 – How long do I leave it?

 – Are those squishy brown strands okay?

 – How do I know it is working?

 – How do I store a scoby for back-up?

 – How do I split the scoby?

 – The scoby is sinking, is that okay?

 – What do I do with all these daughters?

 – I don’t feel well, is this normal?

 – My scoby is trying to escape!

 – I spilled the kombucha

 – Can you eat the scoby?

 – Do I REALLY need to use white sugar?

Part 3 – Recipes

Basic Kombucha Recipe

First Ferment (1F) Recipes

 – Apricot

 – Berry Tea (pink scoby!)

 – Ginger-bucha

 – Rooibos

 – Coffee-bucha

 – Jun

Second Ferment (2F) Recipes

 – Berry Ferments

 – Feijoa and Apple

 – Pear and Cinnamon

 – Christmas pudding-bucha

Kombucha Vinegar

 – Salad Dressing

 – Hot vinegar and honey drink for sore throats

 – A note about pickles

Simple Kombucha Sourdough


About the Author


End Notes

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