Simply Kombucha

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Welcome to the exciting world of kombucha! — What is kombucha? Where did it come from? Why do people drink it? Is it as healthy as people claim? And how exactly can you make it yourself?

Simply Kombucha answers all those questions and more.

Just starting out? You will find detailed step-by-step instructions on sourcing your ingredients, setting up and bottling your brew, and a range of easy recipes to give you the confidence to get well under way.

Are you an experienced kombucha brewer? You will find a discussion of kombucha’s origins, an up-to-date summary of what the latest scientific research says about kombucha’s benefits as a health tonic, a long list of FAQs and troubleshooting questions, and some more unusual recipes to stretch your kombucha repertoire.

No fuss. No frills. Simply complete. Simply Kombucha