What the heck is kombucha? A beginner’s guide.

What even is kombucha? Beginners guide to kombuchaKombucha seems to be the latest hipster drink of choice. It is found in the drinks cabinet of your local cafe, the chilled drinks cabinet at the supermarket, and you can even find it on tap in some upmarket bars and pubs these days. But what exactly is kombucha? How does kombucha taste? What is kombucha made from? And is it actually good for you?

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Occasionally someone will react badly to kombucha

Are you wondering if you have a kombucha allergy? Or some sort of kombucha reaction? Sometimes when people start drinking kombucha they report feeling a bit unwell, or having a touch of “kombucha nausea”. For some people this sick feeling is a good thing – it’s your gut biome getting used to the new healthy probiotics. But for other people it is a sign they should stop drinking kombucha.

I particularly wanted to look at the following research article as it is often quoted as evidence that kombucha is dangerous and shouldn’t be recommended as a health food. I think it is worth having a closer look at what it is actually saying so we can make up our own minds about it.

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Is Kombucha Healthy? A general introduction.

Kombucha benefits. Why kombucha is good for you. Kombucha probiotic. Kombucha antioxidant. Gut health. Oxidative stress and free radicals. Kombucha research. Kombucha scienceAre there kombucha benefits? Does drinking kombucha tea give you long life? How credible are kombucha tea health claims? Is kombucha tea healthy?

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Can I make kombucha from herbal tea?

Make herbal tea kombucha. Herbal kombucha can be made from a variety of herbs and spices. Find out how to choose the right herbs for kombucha herbal tea.

herbal tea kombucha. You don't need normal tea for kombucha. health benefits and risks of different teas.
Can you make kombucha with herbal tea? Yes!

Are you wondering what kind of tea to use for kombucha? Can we make herbal kombucha?

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Kombucha for heart health

Drinking kombucha could improve your heart risk factors, and increase the odds of full recovery from a heart attack

Did you know that drinking kombucha could help protect against heart attack?

Well, now you do. 🙂

Today’s research article demonstrates that, in rats at least, a daily dose of kombucha leads to higher HDL cholesterol (the good kind), lower triglycerides, and a better outcome if a heart attack does happen.

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Kombucha prevents kidney damage from an industrial solvent. In rats.

Kombucha’s antioxidants prevented these rats from being poisoned by an industrial solvent.

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Effect of kombucha on rats with drug-induced type 1 diabetes.

Wrapping my head around the ins and outs of this week’s paper has taken me a bit more time than usual. There is a lot going on here, but come along with me and we’ll go on a journey of discovery together. If anything still isn’t completely clear, please leave a comment and I’ll have a go at re-wording or explaining things.

This is a paper where the initial results look awesome, but on closer inspection need to be treated with care.

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Does kombucha help wounds heal faster? Inconclusive.

[Note: The research paper I discuss in this post has since been retracted. It was retracted in November of 2016. Reasons for the retraction were not given. I discuss the retraction of scientific papers in this post here, and the link to the retraction is here.]

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