Should we keep kombucha in the fridge?

How long do kombucha’s probiotics survive in the fridge? Possibly not very long.

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Discover how to maximise the probiotic content of your home made kombucha!If you’re drinking kombucha mostly as a health tonic you’re most likely drinking it to take advantage of one or other of its two main health benefits. You’re either drinking it because you are wanting to increase the amount and variety of antioxidants in your diet, or you’re wanting a natural and delicious source of probiotics.

Now, naturally you’re wanting to maximise the health benefits of kombucha, while still keeping it tasting great.

The question we’re addressing today is what happens to the probiotics – and especially the Lactic Acid Bacteria – once the kombucha is put into the fridge? Is it still ok? Or is it better to drink it straight after its fermented – without refrigerating? And what might that mean for storing your scoby?

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Is Kombucha Healthy? A general introduction.

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Simply Kombucha

The following article is adapted from the ‘Health Claims’ chapter in my book Simply Kombucha.

Kombucha has a long history of being promoted as a health drink. Almost every blog or article I read about kombucha has a list of medical complaints or illnesses that it is supposed to heal or at least help with.

All the early kombucha books from the 1990s are full of hints and tips about using kombucha to heal wounds, beat arthritis, or combat hair-loss. Even AIDS was claimed to respond to this amazing “miracle mushroom”.
On closer reading I found that the authors of those books also tended to speculate about cosmic rays and crop circles, making me a touch skeptical about their medical opinions, no matter how expert they were in the art of brewing kombucha. So I looked online to see what the current state of opinion was about kombucha’s healing powers.

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Use your kombucha to make yoghurt? Why yes, yes you can.

Can you use kombucha to ferment dairy milk? Yes! Here’s how to make yoghurt (yogurt) at home using a kombucha scoby.

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DIY recipe for Kombucha yoghurt. Make yogurt iwth a kombucha scoby. Kombucha Research. Kombucha Science.
Note: This picture isn’t of kombucha yoghurt. I’m not sure what it is. Some sort of lemon parfait maybe? Looks good, though. Scroll further down for pictures of actual kombucha yoghurt.

If you’ve spent any time at all on a kombucha or general fermented foods forum, you will know the huge variety of fermentation cultures that are out there.

If you’re looking for fermented vegetable recipes, you’ll be hearing about saurkraut,  kimchi, cortido, kvass, dill pickles. If you want something fizzy to drink, there’s kombucha, jun, and water kefir. (See my book Simply Kombucha for a great intro to Kombucha)

If you want a dairy ferment, there’s milk kefir, lassi, ordinary yoghurt and Caspian Sea yoghurt (sometimes known as Caucasian yoghurt). There’s the coconut milk versions of each of them, too.  And that’s not even touching on the cheese options available.

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